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Richard Tillich, 32

Graham, WA

Rides: 2018 CRF450R

Ever since I was 4 years old my Dad had me riding a dirt bike. I started out on a really old, metal tank Suzuki JR50; I rode it as much as possible. My dad saw how much I loved riding, so he took me to look at a Kawasaki KX60. It was a big upgrade and I was stoked. I rode that bike all the time and my dad started to take me racing. I wasn't the fastest rider out there but I was having a blast. My favorite part was jumping; I liked being in the air showing off for the crowd. I raced for a couple years, but ever since I saw freestyle in person at Monster Jam, I knew that was what I wanted to do.

Time passed by and I got towards the end of high school, so it was time to work and start figuring life out. I got to a point where I needed a car for school and work, and I decided to sell my bike to get a car. Years flew by with no riding, but my dad gave me his ol' 2002 CRF450 and I finally got the fever back in me. I was instantly hooked again! I had a late start, but I've been pushing really hard to make

my freestyle dreams a reality. With the help of some friends, I built a competition freestyle course consisting of a 8' wood ramp, 75' gap to a 12' landing. It was as good as I could afford, built off of blueprints.

I'm currently riding a 2018 CRF450R freestyle bike, still pushing hard to live those crazy dreams.

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