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May 2022

Zachary Costilla, 27

Maltby, WA

Rides: 2021 KTM 300 XC TPI

Motocross, Motorcycle, Forest, Offroad, Dirtbike, Wheelie

I've been a Washington local my whole life. Growing up I ripped around at Reiter Pit and Beverly dunes with my dad on a pretty regular basis until we unfortunately had to get rid of our bikes and quads during the recession. Flash forward to two years ago, I bought another dirt bike and it has completely taken over my life.

Motocross, Motorcycle, Forest, Offroad, Dirtbike, Overcast, Mud

After discovering the world of Hard Enduro, my focus shifted from riding forest service trails to finding the hardest situations I could get myself into and finding ways to get out of them on my bike. This has led to me racing the AMA Hard Enduro Series, having already competed at Grinding Stone in Arizona and registered for the remainder of the "West" events in the Hard Enduro Series. These races are serving as training for the big one for me, which is racing at Redbull Romaniacs in July of this year.

Dirt Biking has become an extremely integral part of my life, it satisfies a need to be challenged on a regular basis. The inner perfectionist in me is also deeply intrigued by the sport as well, with every single ride showing improvement and exposing new things that need to be worked on. It has also really strengthened relationships in my life, from being a focal point of my relationship with my girlfriend who rides every weekend on the gnarly trails with me, to helping my Dad and I relive those days when I was a small child riding a single speed quad in the dunes.

Outside of riding dirt bikes, I'm usually tinkering with anything mechanical in my garage, hiking with my dogs and girlfriend, or practicing/writing with my guitar. There's also a healthy woodworking obsession sprinkled in there that shows up in spurts! If anyone ever wants to ride or talk shop, I'm on the dirt bike every weekend without fail. I can typically be found at Walker Valley, but when conditions permit I try to ride the high altitude mountain trails as much as I can! Drop a message in my Instagram if you want to ride or just chat! @zach.costilla Special Shoutout to the sponsors who have helped support this journey: Synergy Protech; Ride Motorsports; FXR; Gaerne Boots; Ryno Power; Blud Lubricants; Bike Graphix!


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